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EASA say YES to Flight Sharing

After months of work and waiting, we are happy to announce that we have received an official letter from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) confirming that the flight sharing as it is done today is COMPLIANT with European regulations.

This letter follows our request in order to have EASA’s interpretation and whether our platform Coavmi complies with European regulation No. 965/2012 allowing costs sharing between private pilots and passengers.



In EASA’s letter, the agency explains that the regulation AIR OPS No. 965/2012 6.4a was not originally designed for websites (such Coavmi), but today, the regulation applies to flights posted/advertised on flight sharing platforms. Thus Pilots who posts flights on Coavmi must comply with regulations AIR OPS No. 965/2012.

EASA then reminds the terms of the AIR OPS regulation No. 965/2012 6.4a and explain that private pilots can share the costs, on the condition that the direct cost is shared by all the occupants of the aircraft, pilot included and the number of persons sharing the direct costs is limited to six.



EASA added that AIRCREW regulation No. 1178/2011 authorizes a private pilot who wants to make flight sharing under the regulation N ° 965/2012 6.4a (above) to do so without satisfying the constraints that applies to public transportation and commercial flights as required by AIR CREW. Thus the private pilot has the rights to post flight sharing as we propose today. Moreover flight sharing platforms as Coavmi do not need to obtain any AOC or other, that would have made us an airline, what we are not at all.



Finally, EASA ask that passenger should be aware that flights done using Coavmi platform are done under cost-sharing and are not commercial flights. The Coavmi platform already indicates that to passengers and the pilot can also remind them of course.


In conclusion, Flight sharing platform Coavmi is compliant with the European regulations according to EASA. And we thank EASA to have clarify this matter.

Coavmi Team



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