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Coavmi was created with the aim to build the future of general aviation: we use technology and innovation to democratise light aviation. Since the authorisation of flight-sharing platforms at European level by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), we are present in England, France and Germany. Our community is also growing in Switzerland and Belgium.

In addition to individuals willing to reduce costs of operating their private aircrafts, more flying clubs are contacting us to know how to introduce flight-sharing into their activities and we are very happy to assist them in this process. However, our vision at Coavmi is even wider: soon technology is going to disrupt how general aviation operates. It will happen due to the recent technological advances: electric engines, vertical take-off systems and digitalisation of processes. Coavmi already makes it more affordable for pilots, passengers and enthusiasts to join the adventurous world of aviation and will do even more so in the future.

To realise full potential that lies within flight-sharing, we are launching a fundraising campaign in which we want to involve our community. The raised finance will be used to add new services, improve existing ones and accelerate our expansion in the UK and Europe, as well as recruit talent to grow the team, bringing in new skills and ideas. If you want to participate in the international development of a startup, support innovation in the aviation sector and have an impact on the strategy of Coavmi, then this investment option is for you!

Investment opportunity is now open to the general public with minimum ticket £900 (1000 €) per investor. To access the business plan and have more information on the amazing projects in progress, register by clicking here (it is only a pre-registration for fundraising):


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