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Coavmi for Flying Clubs: Come Fly with Me!

Coavmi is proud to introduce the new Flying Clubs feature that can help you fly cheaper, farther and safer. Whether you are a qualified pilot who would like to visit a new place or a student-pilot who is keen to learn from others  - Coavmi Flying Clubs feature is for you. Find out how it works from the details below and by watching our demonstration video.

Pilots and student-pilots can add up to three flying clubs to their profiles. Once our team has approved your request, you can view your club-mates, post flights (pilots only), and view flights using "Flights in My Clubs" page. If your profile is validated, the booking process is straightforward in just a few clicks. The functionality is completely free and should you wish to cost-share, you can discuss it with your club-mates directly

Post Flights Exclusively for Your Club-Mates

Are you planning a challenging adventure? Would you like to share your aviation passion? Have you visited all the nearby airfields and are keen to visit new places without adjusting your budget? There are so many reasons why flying with a club-mate might be a good idea! Post your flights on Coavmi exclusively for members of your favourite clubs and share the experience. The more members join, the better for you, so feel free to share this page with your friends.

Did you know?

The UK CAA has found "cost, loss of interest and lack of confidence in conducting more extensive trips" as a common reason for the pilot attrition. Coavmi for flying clubs addresses all of the above! By flying with a club-mate, you can build up your confidence, share experience, and your affordable geography expands significantly as you can fly one-way on the same budget instead of return.


If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us via contact@coavmi.com

Happy Flying,

Your Coavmi Team