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Coavmi is a flight sharing platform that's open to everyone !

Flight sharing is connecting private pilots who are planning a flight and have seats to spare, with passengers who want to share that flight and its costs.

Each passenger can then book a seat(s) and share flight costs (aircraft rental, petrol and airport fees) with the pilot.

Pilots are checked out and their licenses validated by the Coavmi support team before they are allowed to publish a flight sharing post.

We want to democratize access to private aviation, and allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of flight sharing.

Having access to hundreds of airports and airfields means passengers can discover the world of private aviation at very reasonable prices, often getting a flight that's closer to home. And pilots can share costs of their flights as well as their passion for flying.

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This week I hit a very exciting milestone in my life: for the very first time I flew on a private plane.

The aeronautical language is full of abbreviations. As a result, conversations between pilots are often incomprehensible to a newbie. Today let's focus on the difference between a VFR and IFR flight.

European Aviation Safety Agency confirming that the flight sharing as it is done today is COMPLIANT with European regulations.