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What is Coavmi exactly?

Coavmi is a platform that connects pilots that have empty seats in their aircraft and want to share their flight expenses and passion for flying, with passengers wanting to do the same flight.

Where can I go?

You can go anywhere a flight-share pilot is going! The only condition is, that the flight must be initiated by the pilot. The good news is that there are thousands of private pilots and hundreds of airports and airfields. Take a look at the map here! Be careful, flight sharing is not a commercial flight. It's more probably that you make a flight of small distances than a national flight for instance. 

How can I join the Coavmi community?

It's quick and easy. You can sign up for free online and join the community of passengers and pilots today.
Is Coavmi competing with conventional airlines ?

No, flight sharing is not a form of public transportation. Flight sharing is meant for leisure purposes and not recommended for business trips or other.

How can I find a pilot planning a flight I want?

The Coavmi search engine allows you to search for an available seat(s) on a flight-sharing post depending on your departure and arrival city or date of travel. You also contact a pilot close to you thanks to the pilot map. If you don’t find the flight you are looking for, you can always create an e-mail alert or make a flight request.

How do I book an available seat on a flight?

Flights can be booked directly on the flight-sharing post. Should the passenger wish to address a question the pilot, before proceeding with the booking process, he or she can do so via the "question / comment for the pilot" section. Pilots can accept or decline a booking.

Does a private pilot have the right to take passenger and share expenses?

Yes, Since January 2014 an EU Regulation has been harmonized at the European level by the EASA Regulation 379/2014: "By way of derogation from Article 5 and 6, the following operations with other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft may be conducted in accordance with Annex VII: Cost-shared flights by private individuals, on the condition that the direct cost is shared by all the occupants of the aircraft, pilot included and the number of persons sharing the direct costs is limited to six”.

Moreover, EASA published a safety charter, available here. This charter defines a code of conduct for pilot and for passengers. 

The code of conduct for passengers is available here

What type of plane will I travel in?

Most private pilots travel with single-engine propeller aircraft that usually seat 4 people. You may also fly in other types of aircraft such as 2-seat light sports aircraft (LSAs), helicopters or larger planes (6 seats).

How much does it cost to travel by private plane ?

The price per trip depends on the plane, the pilot and the destination. Prices are determined upfront and there are no hidden fees. Travel expenses (fuel, landing + parking fees and aircraft rental if the plane is rented) are evenly split amongst the seats in the aircraft. For example, travel costs for a one-hour trip in a Cessna 172 with 4 seats are approximately 160 € (£120). This cost will be divided by 4, for a per passenger price of around 40€ (£30).

Can the pilot ask passengers to pay more than the price published on the flight sharing post?

No, it is the pilot’s responsibility to properly estimate travel expenses. The price published on the flight sharing post is, therefore, the maximum price for the journey, even if costs end up being greater than the pilot expected. Should the costs for the journey be lower than the price published on the post, the pilot will ask for less since EU regulations require equitable sharing between pilot and passengers.

How fast does a private plane fly?

This depends on the aircraft. A Cessna 172 with 4 seats flies at approximately 110kt (200 km/h). A Cirrus SR22 with 5 seats flies at around 183kt (339 km/h). The speed of the aircraft is also affected by the speed and direction of the wind.

Can I cancel my trip?

Yes, flights can be canceled at any time. It is expected that passengers inform their pilot as soon as possible about any change of plans.

Can the pilot prevent a passenger from boarding?

Yes, the pilot is the captain on board. If the pilot considers a passenger to be a threat to the safety of the flight or if the passenger is not following the pilot’s instructions properly (safety, baggage weight etc.), he or she may refuse the passenger to board the aircraft.​

Can the pilot cancel a flight?

Yes, Coavmi is not an airline company. Flights can be canceled at any time. The pilot is the captain on board and therefore he or she has the right to cancel or delay a flight due to weather conditions or other reasons. The pilot will keep passengers informed on the weather situation on the day of departure. In the case of cancellation of a flight, passengers will not be charged.

How can I be sure that my pilot is responsible and competent?

All pilots have their credentials verified by the Coavmi team. Furthermore, a rating system allows passengers to review their pilots.

Am I insured when I travel in a private plane?

Yes, every pilot who rents or owns a plane is required to have a liability insurance for passengers.

Who owns the aircraft I'm flying in?

Most aircraft are leased from flying clubs or private companies. In some cases, the pilot owns a private plane.

How can I get to the departure airfield and/or leave the arrival airfield?

Today, there are more options available than ever before. Passengers can rent a car using services such as drivy.com or ouicar.com. Other possibilities include taxis or uber.com. Sometimes pilots are able to pick up passengers on the way to the airfield.