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  • Country : Italy
  • Profile : Private pilot
  • Aeronautical interest : Enthusiastic
  • Spoken languages : English, Italian


  • Total Flight hours : 50 Hour(s)
  • Number of flight hours as an aircraft captain : 20 Hour(s)
  • Number of flight hours as captain for the last 12 months : 20 Hour(s)
  • Number of flight hours as captain for the last 3 months : - Hour(s)

Why fly with me?

  • Flying is the thing I am most passionate about in life. With me you can enjoy the experience of a powered flight, during which you can discover towns, lakes and mountains near Rome (Italy) from above and take beautiful photos. But you can also experience a glider flight, with which you can enjoy the beauty of flying without an engine in silence, like large birds do, and gain altitude using only the forces of the atmosphere. You can fly yourself or give this experience to someone else by splitting the cost of the flight in half with me. Volare è la cosa che mi appassiona di più nella vita. Con me potrai provare l'esperienza di un volo a motore, durante il quale scoprire dall'alto paesi, laghi e monti nelle vicinanze di Roma (Italia) e fare bellissime foto. Ma puoi anche sperimentare un volo in aliante, con il quale assaporare la bellezza di volare senza motore in silenzio come i grandi uccelli e fare quota sfruttando solo le forze dell'atmosfera. Puoi volare tu stesso o regalare questa esperienza a qualcun altro, dividendo il costo del volo a metà con me.

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