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Rieti Flexible du 23/10/2023 au 31/12/2024
Direct Flight
Duration : 01:00
1 seats
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Flight posted on 21/10/2023

Flight details

  • Type of journey : Local Flight
  • Type of flight : Fine weather flight (VFR)
  • Departure time : flexible
  • Expected time of arrival : flexible
  • The Pilot can pick you up by car : Yes
  • Flexible departure time ? : No flexibility
  • Check-in time : 30 minutes before
  • Maximum luggage weight : 11 Lbs
  • Expected response time : Manual < 6 hours

Plane details

  • Model : 150
  • Brand/Manufacturer : Cessna
  • Cosiness : Standard
  • Numbers of flight hours as captain on this aircraft : 20 Hour(s)
  • Number of flight hours as captain on this Aircraft for the last 3 months : ----------- Hour(s)
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After taking off from Rieti airport we will fly over the historic center of the city, after which we will head towards Lago del Salto flying over the green hills to the south of the town. We will then admire the blue waters of the lake and its jagged coasts. Then we will head towards the nearby Turano lake, with its bridges, its dam and the characteristic Colle di Tora village which juts out towards the waters. At this point we will return towards Rieti, passing near Rocca Sinibalda perched on its promontory. We will land in Rieti after approximately 45 minutes of flight. The itinerary offers the possibility of taking evocative photos of the landscape.

Dopo essere decollati dall'aeroporto di Rieti sorvoleremo il centro storico della città, dopodiché ci dirigeremo verso il Lago del Salto sorvolando le verdi colline a sud del paese. Ammireremo quindi le azzurre acque del lago e le sue coste frastagliate. Dopodiché ci dirigeremo verso il vicino lago del Turano, con i suoi ponti, la sua diga e il caratteristico paese Colle di Tora che si protende verso le acque. A questo punto torneremo verso Rieti, passando vicino a Rocca Sinibalda arroccata sul suo promontorio. Atterreremo a Rieti dopo circa 45 minuti di volo. L'itinerario offre la possibilità di scattare suggestive foto al paesaggio.

Warning: This flight is not a commercial flight, your flight can be canceled.
Example: for weather reasons.
For more information, please see the FAQ here.

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Departure at 09:00
Duration of the flight : 15:00
Arrival at 22:00
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Marco P. 41 years old

Type of pilot :
Private pilot

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