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Cessna 172 , The most famous airplane

You are wondering what is the most used aircraft in the light aviation industry ? Since its launch in 1956, the Cessna 172 is still in production today and remains the most incredible and robust aircraft in the world. An aircraft that flies at 226 km/h and has been produced more than 43 000 times in the world. By its surprising adventures, the Cessna 172 made an impact in the light aviation history.

The longest flight without landing: 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and five seconds 
On 4 December 1958, the two pilots Robert Timm and John Cook rose to the challenge of beating the 49 days flight record without landing. On 4 February 1959, the two pilots succeeded and achieved to fly 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and five seconds without landing. The Cessna 172 aircraft, named Hacienda, is nowadays displayed at the McCarrran International Airport in Las Vegas.

The Cessna 172 as a world symbol of peace during the cold War
Mathias Rust, a 19 year-old German teenager, in “peace mission” as he said, flew low with a Cessna 172. By doing this he escaped the Russian air defence radars and landed on a bridge next to Moscow’s Red Square.

Still produced today in Wichita Kansas More than 60 years later
The Cessna 172 remains unchanged and is the ideal plane for pilots. The Cessna 172 is a high-wing single piston engine, which makes the view of the ground better and the landing easier. Robust and reliable, you can nowadays find a second-hand 172 around 30,000€.

A lot of pilots on coavmi.com use a Cessna 172 to cost share their flight. The average operating hour costs of a Cessna is around 150€ per hour, which makes this four passengers plane a 38€/hour/passenger.


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