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Pau 15/01/2019 12:30
Pau 15/01/2019 14:00 (estimated)
Direct Flight
Duration : 01:30
1 seats
left out of 1
Flight posted on 09/01/2019 - 154 views

Flight details

  • Type of journey : Local Flight
  • Type of flight : Fine weather flight (VFR)
  • Departure time : 12:30
  • Expected time of arrival : 14:00
  • The Pilot can pick you up by car : Yes
    Locavions Aero Services, Rue Saint-Exupéry, Sauvagnon, France
  • Flexible departure time ? : + or - 30 minutes
  • Check-in time : 12:00
  • Maximum luggage weight : 11 Lbs
  • Expected response time : Manual < 3 hours

Light Sport Aircraft details

  • Model : FK9
  • Brand/Manufacturer : FK
  • Cosiness : Standard
  • Numbers of flight hours as captain on this aircraft : 200 Hour(s)
  • Number of flight hours as captain on this Aircraft for the last 3 months : ----------- Hour(s)
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Discovering the mountains is a thrilling experience and I invite you for this one hour flight to see the jewels hidden in the vallees nearby Pau. We will first check weather conditions en route and in the mountains and will carry out a flight to see lakes, ski resorts, mountain railway, dolines rocks, huts et much more. Get ready !

Warning: This flight is not a commercial flight, your flight can be canceled.
Example: for weather reasons.
For more information, please see the FAQ here.

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Departure at 12:30
Duration of the flight : 01:30
Arrival at 14:00
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70.00 per seat
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Edouard V. 44 years old

Type of pilot :
Ultralight Pilot

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